More about the use of natural resources

The economy is with limited natural resources. Perhaps no man who would not agree with such a statement. This fact excite the minds for centuries and it has long been hotly debated. Of course, in this case, relaxation is not required. On the contrary, we are confronted with a global population of seven billion people today and this requires quick decisions.

Rachel Schomaker by the German Research Institute for Public Administration in Speyer sees the decision straight through increased commercialization of the significant potential resource. She thinks for a genuine privatization or at least in public-private partnerships in water supply worldwide, for example. Similar opinion is admirable and you suppose you completely agree with it.

The consultant Rainer Opgen-Rhein talk about a “generational contract, which is provided in the self-interest of equitable use of natural resources in the present and the future“. It is not easy given the great uncertainty about future developments.Coordination problems and most of the contractors (future generations) do not exist. Political actors acting contrary would have only a short time horizon, says Opgen-Rhine.

In order to arrive at an equitable distribution of resources is required some incentive, through bonuses and tax breaks. Economic incentives of this kind are well suited. In this way, will have more than a model of price regulation by the resource owner or manager. So far we have already discussed some opinions on these issues. Personally, I believe that you also have your own vision. For the majority of authors, it is clear that a more efficient use of natural resources is to be expected only if are observed the rules of the game in the political sector to create the necessary incentives.

The policy had to respond as quickly as possible. Action is needed about the processing industry, as and on the cost pressure.In Germany this issue is discussed less. Perhaps it is better to have more discussions and opinions.

However, we should deal with the global availability of industrial minerals and metals and energy commodities and determine resource and mining potential.

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